Art printed yoga leggings, women's leggings and festival clothing!

Ecofriendly Festival Clothing

We are committed to producing sustainable and consciously crafted, ecofriendly clothing in North America and California. We have a dedicated passion for creating in ways that harm none, especially this beautiful earth we all call home. When you're pulling your workout leggings, feel confident pulling them on knowing they are built strong and ethically made in North America! 

Women's Leggings Built Strong

Women's leggings often fall apart due to being produced overseas. We keep it on this continent, which reduces our carbon footprint and helps you feel confident about buying our eco-friendly clothing, yoga leggings, and festival clothing.

Yoga Leggings for every Event

Our inspiration comes from nature and art. The art printed on our yoga clothes comes straight from our hearts and hands. We are just two artists creating all of the beautiful artowork you see printed our womens leggings, capri leggings, and yoga apparel. This makes our items great for everyday wear, the yoga studio, and your favorite festival outfits.